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Monaco – first win for AIX Racing

The Circuit de Monaco, nestled in the glamorous city-state of Monaco along the Mediterranean coast, is revered as one of the most iconic and challenging tracks in motorsports. Since its first Grand Prix in 1929, the Monaco circuit has captivated the world with its unique combination of tight corners, elevation changes, and picturesque surroundings. The narrow, winding streets of Monte Carlo, lined with luxurious yachts and historic architecture, create a formidable challenge for drivers, where precision and skill are paramount. The track’s lack of overtaking opportunities and unforgiving barriers make it a true test of a driver’s mettle, adding to the allure and prestige of a victory here.

Thursday: Free Practice in Adverse Conditions

The racing weekend in Monaco kicked off on Thursday with the Free Practice sessions for both Formula 2 and Formula 3. The day was characterized by intermittent heavy rain, making the already demanding circuit even more treacherous. Drivers had to navigate the slippery streets with caution, gathering crucial data while minimizing risks. Despite the challenging weather, teams managed to collect valuable information that would be instrumental for the rest of the weekend. The sessions allowed for the testing of wet tires and adjustment of setups, providing insights into how the cars handled under wet conditions.

formula 2 racing car
MONACO (MC), 23-26 May 2024. Grand Prix of Monaco 2024 at Circuit de Monaco. Taylor BARNARD #25 AIX Racing F2 © 2024 Dutch Photo Agency

Friday: Qualifying Drama

On Friday, the weather improved, but the drama was far from over. In Formula 3, the qualifying session ended in frustration for Nikita Bedrin. On what could have been his fastest lap, a red flag abruptly halted the session, preventing him from improving his time. This unfortunate interruption left the team dissatisfied with their qualifying performance.

In contrast, the Formula 2 qualifying session brought a mixture of excitement and hope. Taylor Barnard managed to secure the 10th position, a result that earned him pole position for the Sprint Race due to the reverse grid format. The session was intense, with drivers pushing their limits around the narrow circuit, and despite several red flags disrupting the flow, the team remained optimistic about their chances in the upcoming races.

f2 winner
MONACO (MC), 23-26 May 2024. Grand Prix of Monaco 2024 at Circuit de Monaco. AIX Racing F2. © 2024 Dutch Photo Agency

Saturday: Sprint Race Highlights and Challenges

Saturday’s Sprint Races were a mixed bag of emotions for the team. In Formula 3, the race was marred by a first-lap collision involving Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak and Joshua Dufek. Unfortunately, Joshua had to retire from the race, while Tasanapol managed to continue but eventually finished in 17th place. Nikita Bedrin, too, faced difficulties and was forced to retire his car.

The highlight of the weekend came from the Formula 2 Sprint Race. Taylor Barnard not only secured the first points of his Formula 2 career but also clinched a stunning victory. This win was a significant milestone, showcasing his talent and providing a much-needed morale boost for the team.

f2 winner
MONACO (MC), 23-26 May 2024. Grand Prix of Monaco 2024 at Circuit de Monaco. Taylor BARNARD #25 AIX Racing F2 © 2024 Dutch Photo Agency

Sunday: Difficult Feature Races

Sunday’s Feature Races brought disappointment for the team. In Formula 3, the race did not go as planned, with none of the drivers able to make a significant impact. Similarly, in the Formula 2 Feature Race, the team faced numerous challenges and failed to secure any points.

aix racing car
MONACO (MC), 23-26 May 2024. Grand Prix of Monaco 2024 at Circuit de Monaco. Nikita BEDRIN #27 AIX Racing F3 © 2024 Dutch Photo Agency

Looking Forward

Despite the ups and downs of the Monaco weekend, the team has gained invaluable experience and insights. The unique challenges of the Monaco circuit have highlighted areas for improvement, and the team is determined to implement these lessons in the upcoming race in Barcelona. The combination of a historic victory in the F2 Sprint Race and the lessons learned from the weekend’s difficulties provides a solid foundation to build upon as the season progresses.